bord de route

Designed for a prepared screen
Year 2010
Camera on board, in a tunnel, following a white truck. The red glow lightens now and then the back doors of the truck. There is a red fluorescent rectangle drawn on the back of that truck. A similar red rectangle appears in the picture and attempts to follow the motion of the truck, it tries to catch up with the first red rectangle, actually drawn on the back doors of the truck. The truck splits in two. Or, in other words, the picture of the truck, framed as close as possible around the contours of the object, is added to the general picture on top of the truck. Sometimes the two trucks converge. Sometimes they move apart. At the end of the tunnel, a mountain landscape shows up. White and grey, cold and wet. It’s misty. The truck fades away in the fog, and the red rectangle remains alone. It seems to figure the place where the truck should be. As the fog unthickens, the truck becomes visible again, with its double in the shape of a frame. The viewfinder (drawn by the red rectangle) and the frame of the twin truck outline a looking logic, in which the sides meet in the center. Then, the truck parks on the side of the road, and in the meantime, leaves the frame.
Technical information :
Video system : HD/SD
Length : 5’20’’
Installation :
Projection on a prepared screen. Piece of paper, beige tape, red tape.
Team :
Photography : Mathieu Cauville
Sound ingenior : Alexander Davidson



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