Jelsane pulse

We are in an undefined place (It’s actually Jelsane, the crossing point between Slovenia and Croatia, an outside borderline of Europe). The picture shows a construction prolonged by a roof, allowing a truck to be sheltered while it parks for customs control. It allows time to stretch out too. A truck drives off, another arrives. Then, the truck leaves but…remains in place. The construction moves slightly. The truck starts again, and the construction moves as well, and so on.
The pulse of the truck waiting and going.
Further in the film, a traveling movement added to this immobile picture goes in a loop around the construction.

The film moves in a stuttering movement, but moves forward anyhow. It figures the legal definition of a borderline crossing point : « The outside borderlines may only be crossed at the borderline passing points and during opening hours. There are lanes at those points to proceed in the customs control on people »



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