Sanatorium atmosphere : an artistic approach to tracing changes in spa uses

Closing Keynote : Sara Bédard-Goulet (Tartu) & Bruno Goosse (Bruxelles)

The European Spa as a Transnational Public Space and Social Metaphor

Final project meeting / conference, 2-3 June 2022 Brijuni Islands, Croatia

« With the help of selected case studies, both Principal investigators will zoom in on the function of the spas as seasonal transnational public spaces and stages, detail the principles of in- or exclusion and the negotiations of the issues at the spas. In particular we explore the tensions between the medicalization of the spas versus the role entertainment, sociability and consumption played. In the longue durée, we analyse the influence of the welfare state, public health discourses and new ideologies on the perception of bodies and body politics in the spas and resorts. »



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